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About us

Empowering Lives and Ensuring Security at SIMK Insurance

We aim to simplify and provide an easy but effective enrollment process. SIMK. agency in union with AIL insurance company works in cooperation with all Unions including yours. Our agent’s are union representatives hired to present affordable, permanent, portable life insurance to all working-class families, and enroll you into your permanent benefits, if you qualify.

Insurance Summary

“We do qualifications not quotes”

We utilize the portal platform zoom to prevent Fraud & Misrepresentation. It also provides effective communication between our Licensed Agents & clients across the country.

Our Policies

Each policy has a CASH VALUE that grows at 4.5% quarterly compound interest. If things ever become financially tight or unstable, the cash value built over the life of the policy is programmed to help pay due premium.

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Whole Life

Lifelong security, cash value growth, and legacy planning combined seamlessly.

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Child Rider

Adding a layer of protection, ensuring a brighter future for your children.

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Accidental & Death

Providing financial relief during life’s unforeseen challenges.

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Final Expense

Relieving loved ones by handling funeral expenses with compassion.

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Paycheck Protection

Safeguarding your income stream, ensuring financial stability during uncertainties.

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Hospital Benefits

Easing financial burdens, focusing on recovery during medical illness. So you can focus on recovery.

SIMK Insurance

Here at SIMK, we take pride in developing long term relationships with our clients and meet them where they are most comfortable their homes. We offer affordable, permanent, portable life insurance so if you ever were to quit your job, your policy with us stays with you forever. We prioritize working class individuals and union families, so we offer Individual, single parent, and family policies.

Our Mission

Elevating Lives through Unparalleled Protection and Financial Confidence

We protect the people closest to our hearts, every child and serve all working class American & Canadian Families. SIMK’s commitment to working families in union with American income life company, which was established in 1951 and has been respected and appreciated by more than 20,000 different groups. Representing members of labor unions, credit unions,
associations, fraternal organizations, sporting groups, licensed professionals, and nonprofit organizations

American Income Life (Parent Company)
American Income Life, a principal subsidiary of Globe Life, has served working families since 1951 with life, accident, and supplemental health products to help protect members of labor unions, credit unions, associations, and their families. SIMK is one their distribution systems, serving territories across North America.